blocking %00 / %01 exploits with mailscanner?

Dan Hollis spamtrap71892316634 at ANIME.NET
Mon Jan 19 23:05:07 GMT 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Jan-Peter Koopmann wrote:
> > Ok, here is the problem.
> > Not all of our users want spamassassin. Some do, and they run
> > it from .procmailrc in their homedirs.
> > On the other hand, we have virus scanning globally via
> > mailscanner and f-prot.
> Have a look at the MCP functionality. It might do the trick. :-)

err isnt that spamassassin?

I can't see a way to globally block %00/%01 without forcing global usage
of spamassassin... or am I mistaken?


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