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At 17:21 19/01/2004, you wrote:
>I apologize for posting these topics a second time, but I didn't receive
>any responses the first time.  I can understand that the topics may not be
>worthy of a reply, but I thought people on this list would be interested
>in discussing a software package that incorporates MailScanner, Kaspersky
>Anti-Virus and Clam Anti-Virus, and SpamAssassin.  I have not installed
>OpenProtect (already have MailScanner working), but here are some quotes
>from the documentation.
>"MTA's supported are: Sendmail, Postfix, Exim and Qmail" (Did they get
>Qmail to work with MailScanner?  It is not officially supported)

Yes, they have written their own qmail support. I don't know any more about
it than you do. Does someone feel inclined to test it out and report back
with their experiences please?

>"Run the script openprotect-install in the package directory and answer
>the questions. The script should take care of the installation by itself."
>"The install script does the following:
>1)Installs Kaspersky Version 5
>2)Installs ClamAV Version 0.65
>3)Installs perl modules needed by MailScanner
>4)Installs SpamAssassin and perl modules needed by SpamAssassin
>5)Installs MailScanner
>6)Installs the OpenSupport package
>7)Configures MTA Dependent MailScanner configurations
>8)Configures MTA Independent MailScanner configurations
>9)Stops your MTA and starts the MTA along with filter modules "
>Secondly, is there a reason that MailScanner is not posted on
>SourceForge?  I believe it would greatly increase the audience of
>MailScanner, and be highly beneficial to the project overall (more
>users).  I have created a project on SourceForge and it is painless.  Any
>thoughts on this?

Yes, I must get around to it. I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow. I
don't want to host any content on SourceForge, I just want the bare project
details posted there.
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