SpamAssasin help

Gerry Doris gdoris at ROGERS.COM
Mon Jan 19 01:14:37 GMT 2004

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:

> Hi!
> > 1. cd /etc/mail/spamassassin
> >      rm
> > Now download the file directly into the dir using your Linux console
> > 2. wget
> > Now restart MailScanner (assume you use Red Hat)
> You can do this with the script i made, follow the leads on
> This you can use to update the BigEvil rules...
> Bye,
> Raymond.

BTW, I meant to thank you for that script.  I was just sitting down to
write one myself and decided to check my email first...and there it was!


"The lyfe so short, the craft so long to learne"  Chaucer

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