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Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Jan 17 13:47:09 GMT 2004

Mostly to get this information into the MailScanner mailing list archive,
here is a copy of an email I received a month ago from some folks who are
implementing some form of Qmail support within MailScanner.

I suspect they are doing it in a similar way to Communigate Pro, but I'm
not at all sure of that.

If someone would like to try this and document their experiences, I would
be very grateful.

Thanks folks,

P.S. A very big thankyou to all of you for my Birthday messages, I really
appreciate it. And an extra special thankyou to those of you who bought me
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>From: "S.Karthikeyan" <skarthikeyan at>
>To: mailscanner at, jkf at
>Subject: Regarding qmail support
>Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 05:49:00 -0500
>Hi Julian/MailScanner team,
>    We've written a qmail module for mailscanner. It works in this way.
>-It changes the qmail-queue program so that it dumps the mail
>in /var/qmail/ instead of /var/qmail/queue
>-Then, use Internet::Mail perl module to read the queue file
>in /var/qmail/ we construct the to and from address from
>the /var/qmail/ file
>-After scanning it, we remove the mess,intd,todo file
>-We create mess,intd and todo in the /var/qmail/ directory
>-We then kick message using triggerpull'ing a \0 byte to the trigger
>file, which triggers qmail-send to deliver the message.
>There is an extra variable in and MailScanner.conf to
>indicate the number of split spool directories in qmail. Right now, if
>the directory is in different directory
>than /var/qmail/, the user has to change the #define value in
>our custom qmail-1.03 source directory. That's the only stuff that has
>to be changed, if the user has custom configured the /var/qmail
>directory to something else, during his qmail compilation and
>Now, this proof of concept stuff is working for us. Is this design ok,
>or you have previously considered it and dropped it off for some reason?
>Also, how should I submit this code to you?
>We have hosted the code in a complete package with
>spamassassin,mailscanner with qmail, clamav,all the needed perl modules
>at Also it contains a perl auto-
>installer, that does all spool directory copying and config file
>changing stuff on the fly and also uninstalls, disables and enables

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