Trend's trouble with some zipfiles

Schmitt, Andy C - CIDD-2 acschmitt at BPA.GOV
Fri Jan 16 18:56:29 GMT 2004

I'm running MailScanner with Spamassassin and Trend Antivirus.  I noticed that on a couple viruses in zipfiles, Trend was unable to open the zip due to a slightly corrupted zip header.  unzip was able to open it just fine, and so were users' zip programs.  The error from vscan was "Scan error -82".

I just got on the list, and did this a while ago, but I wondered if anyone else running Trend had a problem with it.  Anyway, this is my workaround in, at the end of sub ProcessTrendOutput, just before the "return 0;" statement.

  # ACS 11-03-03 -- This bit of code blocks files when decompression fails.
  if ( $line =~ /Scan error -82/i )
    my($virus ) = "Unopenable ZIP file";

    my ($dot, $id, $part, @rest) = split (/\//, $trend_prevline);
    $infections->{$id}{$part} .= $Name . ': ' if $Name;
    $infections->{$id}{$part} .= "Found virus $virus in file $trend_prevline\n";
    $types->{$id}{$part}      .= "v";
    return 1;

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