Content Blocked report

Jon Fraley jfraley at
Thu Jan 15 14:52:03 GMT 2004

Some of my users are getting Content Blocked messages as such:

Subject: {Blocked Content} PAF Shipment Upload 01/14/04

Warning: This message has had one or more attachments removed
Warning: (not named).
Warning: Please read the "Glen_Raven-Attachment-Warning.txt"
for more information.

However the only attachment is an:

application/ms-tnef attachment (winmail.dat)

and not the Warning.txt file.  I have verified that the attachment is
winmail.dat format.

This is the notice sent to postmaster of the block:

> The following e-mail messages were found to have viruses in them:
> IP Address:
>  Recipient:
>    Subject: PAF Shipment Upload 01/14/04
>  MessageID: i0EGtSgU010766
>     Report: Could not parse Outlook Rich Text attachment

This has happened with four messages in two months, I was able to send
the message to the user from the quarantine directory.  I can not figure
out exactly why the attachment is not correct.  We are using



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