Sendmail 8.12.* and multiple queues

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jan 14 09:44:01 GMT 2004

At 09:28 14/01/2004, you wrote:
>Is anyone running MailScanner + sendmail-8.12 with multiple queue
>directories (qf/df/xf files split into separate subdirectories)?

I don't support that. You can use a ruleset to produce the "Outgoing Queue
Dir" to separate messages into different queues, but that's all. If you
have a setup where corresponding qf/df/xf sets are all in the same
directory, but there are several of these directories, then you can use
wildcards in the setting of "Incoming Queue Dir" or specify multiple paths.

But the qf/df/xf triplet all have to be in the same directory.

>What about with queue groups?

As long as the messages end up in the same directory, you can do it. So you
can, for example, split messages so they have only 1 recipient per message.
This is a configuration used by quite a few people.

>How does MailScanner decide how it must move the qf/df file for an
>arbitary sendmail setup given that in some cases the df file path is
>hard coded into the qf file?

As above, the qf+df are assumed to be in the same directory.
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