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John strgout at UNIXJUNKIE.COM
Mon Jan 12 22:14:43 GMT 2004

i know this is kind of a old thread, but i just wanted to throw my bits in.

man tuning (FreeBSDism) is a good thing.

     The kern.maxfiles sysctl determines how many open files the system sup-
     ports.  The default is typically a few thousand but you may need to bump
     this up to ten or twenty thousand if you are running databases or large
     descriptor-heavy daemons.  The read-only kern.openfiles sysctl may be
     interrogated to determine the current number of open files on the system.

sysctl kern.maxfiles
kern.maxfiles: 8136

sysctl kern.openfiles
kern.openfiles: 149

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 11:32:34AM -0600, Chris Harris wrote:
> I'm getting some errors and hoping someone can tell me what has cause it and
> how I can fix it.
> in my messages log:
> sendmail[54147]: i0B9PGr5054147: SYSERR(root): fill_fd: disconnect: fd 0 not
> open: Bad file descriptor
> > file: table is full
> sendmail[54227]: i0B9Per5054227: SYSERR(root): fill_fd: disconnect: cannot
> open /dev/null: Too many open files in system
> the message file: table is full is repeated over and over.
> Any ideas?
> Chris

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