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Mark Nienberg mark at TIPPINGMAR.COM
Mon Jan 12 19:39:50 GMT 2004

It sounds like Julian's experience would indicate that the RBLs in his Spam List never
return a false positive (at least they didn't in the 1 week test).  If that is the case, then
those of us using the same RBLs in SpamAssassin might consider increasing the
scores for these.  After all, using the RBLs in MailScanner's Spam List is roughly
equivalent to using them in SpamAssassin with high scores, so that hitting one RBL
test is sufficient to consider the message as spam.

Of course, those of us using the "high scoring" method to delete spam should be a
little more careful about the score assigned.  Julian's system of delivering everything
is more tolerant of a false positive.

On 12 Jan 2004 at 10:19, Julian Field wrote:
> In the past 7 days, I have received 2,977 bits of spam personally addressed
> to me.
> That's about 425 every day, which is about half my mail. (Boy, am I glad of
> that MailScanner thingy!)
> In that time, there have been 0 false positives, and 23 false negatives.
> This gives success rates of 100% and 99.2% respectively.
> Which I reckon is pretty good :-)
> Setup details:
> Spam List = ORDB-RBL MAPS-RBL+ spamhaus.org spamhaus-XBL
> Max SpamAssassin Size = 40000
> Required SpamAssassin Score = 6
> SA 2.61 with BigEvil list added
> Razor2
> --
> Julian Field

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