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Martin Hepworth martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM
Mon Jan 12 09:01:43 GMT 2004

Alex Theodore wrote:
> You will need to recompile your FreeBSD Kernel with a higher value for the MAXUSER parameter.  Try doubling or tripling it.  You can also dynamically reconfigure this kernel  parameter via sysctl(8) command.
> Regards,
>   Alex

You don't need to recompile, add kern.maxfiles=2048 to /etc/sysctl.conf
to change the default on boot and use '

sysctl kern.maxfiles

to find out what the value is now and

sysctl kern.maxfiles 2048

to change the value to 2048 on the fly. Obviously you can alter the 2048
to whatever value you want, but 2048 works well for my email server
running imap, so lots of users opening lots of files!

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