File Table Full

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Jan 11 17:39:09 GMT 2004

Sounds like you have exceeded the maximum number of open files your OS
allows. Try reducing the maximum batch size in MailScanner.conf and see if
it goes away. To increase the number of open files allowed depends entirely
on your OS which you haven't told us.

At 17:32 11/01/2004, you wrote:
>I'm getting some errors and hoping someone can tell me what has cause it and
>how I can fix it.
>in my messages log:
>sendmail[54147]: i0B9PGr5054147: SYSERR(root): fill_fd: disconnect: fd 0 not
>open: Bad file descriptor
> > file: table is full
>sendmail[54227]: i0B9Per5054227: SYSERR(root): fill_fd: disconnect: cannot
>open /dev/null: Too many open files in system
>the message file: table is full is repeated over and over.
>Any ideas?

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