ANNOUNCE: Unstable release 4.26-4 released (harping)

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Jan 11 13:31:31 GMT 2004

At 13:25 11/01/2004, you wrote:
> > > mailscanner-4.26.4.tar.gz (or .rpm.tar.gz or .suse.tar.gz).
> > > So the FreeBSD ports will have to change too. Sorry!
> >
> > Seems like a rather undesirable outcome of something which doesn't
> appear to
> > have needed changing in the first place :(
>I feel the same.
>Things like this are pretty normal: wget-1.8.2-4.72.i386.rpm
>Its also the way Redhat packages things. Its up to a author to use the
>It also could have been wget-1.8-4.72.i386.rpm for the above example.
>This wont break things, and certainly is not invalid.
>Could it be duie to the spec file listed on the website that was not what
>was used anyway, that was causing confusion?

Yes, it could well have been.

However, one advantage of the new a.b.c-r is that anyone else who wants to
package it (e.g. RedHat or Fortress Systems) can explicitly say exactly
what version (a.b.c) they are re-packaging, and use the r for their own
release numbers. So it might actually be very helpful at some (unknown)
point in the future.

So it probably is worth it, it just may not be evident for some time.
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