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Peter Nitschke email at
Sat Jan 10 20:17:00 GMT 2004

I think they sum up the problems pretty well..

With the setup I previously mentioned my system accepted 3200 emails
yesterday, rejected or trapped 8800 spam.  I had probably 10 junks get
through that shouldn't have and 3 legits got caught.

It will be interesting if they can get that good a success rate.


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On 10/01/2004 at 7:57 PM Antony Stone wrote:

>On Saturday 10 January 2004 7:49 pm, Peter Nitschke wrote:
>> SpamAssassin with a trained Bayes and some add-on rules eg bigevil will
>> just about catch them all.  Then you just add the occasional new rule as
>> something new comes along.
>> Apart from that, if you can suggest an effective method for identifying
>> porn, then surely somone will design a filter for that method.
>> But be careful of breast cancer, magna cum laude(sp?) and how do you
>> determine the pornographic content of an image?
>For example
>This is not a rehearsal.
>This is Real Life.
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>                                                           please don't CC

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