Bouncing Spam

Martin Hepworth martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM
Fri Jan 9 14:20:52 GMT 2004

Quentin Campbell wrote:
> Julian
> I sympathise with your problems. However I am equally at risk from
> sanctions or abuse from people who think that I am deliberately ignoring
> their mail when in fact it was (a false positive) deleted automatically
> as probable spam.
> For this reason I have chosen to use the MailScanner option to send an
> explanatory message when spam to me is deleted. In truth I am more
> concerned about the people who _need_ to know what has happended to
> their message to me than I am about the consequences of collateral spam
> that results.
> One reason I have moved to using MailScanner to delete probable spam is
> that we have many mailboxes on Outlook/Exchange. That system cannot
> permanently delete tagged messages through the Rules Wizard when Outlook
> is switched off. This can be a serious problem and results in mail being
> lost if quotas are exceeded (over vacations for example).
> I receive so much spam each day that it is not practical to have tagged
> messages delivered then moved to a "spam" folder (by a personal mail
> filter) where I am supposed to inspect them for possible false
> positives.
> I would be interested to hear what alternative strategies have been
> adopted by people in my position.
> Quentin

Let the battle begin - to bounce/deliver or delete....:-)

Here we forward all email but viruses to the indended recipient. It's
then up to the MUA to filter and the user to police any FPs.

It's much better than the previous solution, where we couldn't tag the
subject line.

HOWEVER we are small enough not to have trouble with quota's (myself and
others had over 4,700 spam's alone to come back to after Christmas), and
  only have 100 or so email users.

Can't MS-Exchange put a quota on some folders and not others, so the
filter for spam can't be outside the quota?

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