Sa-learn error

Jody Cleveland Cleveland at WINNEFOX.ORG
Thu Jan 8 20:09:50 GMT 2004

Hi Martin,

> > What 'should' the permissions be set to?

> on mine
> -rw-------  1 mailnull  mailnull  18497536 Jan  8 16:30 bayes_seen
> -rw-------  1 root      mailnull   5144576 Jan  8 16:30 bayes_toks
> I did notice a third file there after the upgrade which I
> deleted and it seemed to fix the problem - hey it's been a while (ie
> than 5 mins) so I'm a bit hazy as to what fixed it..

I've got 486 items in there. Most of them look similar to

I noticed I was running it as my local user. So, I restarted it as root.
I haven't gotten any errors, but it's been going for over 2 hours now.
Is this normal?

- Jody

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