Problem with Virus Update

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Tue Jan 6 22:55:32 GMT 2004

I mentioned this to Julian so he has fixed it in the beta. The next
stable will not have this minor problem. The fix is as simple as you
wrote yourself.

The update_virus_scanners scripts looks for all supported scanners
regardless if you have them or not. It's the parent script for all the
wrappers running the actual scanners of which DrWeb is one. You don't
have it so it should just exit quietly but since it can't be executed
you get an error.

/Peter Bonivart

--Unix lovers do it in the Sun

Sun Fire V210, Solaris 9, Sendmail 8.12.10, MailScanner 4.25-14,
SpamAssassin 2.61 + DCC 1.2.21, ClamAV 0.65 + GMP

Derek Winkler wrote:
> and solution.
> # ./update_virus_scanners
> ./update_virus_scanners: /opt/MailScanner/lib/drweb-wrapper: Permission
> denied
> # chmod +x /opt/MailScanner/lib/drweb-wrapper
> # ./update_virus_scanners
> #
> MailScanner 4.25-14 from a tarball install.
> What is the drweb-wrapper script for, I use ClamAV and SophosSAVI?

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