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Mon Jan 5 18:55:27 GMT 2004

Harondel J. Sibble wrote:

>On 5 Jan 2004 at 10:48, Ugo Bellavance wrote:
>>He used the transport map.
>>>in /etc/postfix/virtual and add alias_maps =
>>>hash:/etc/postfix/virtual to
>>>your file in /etc/postfix. Don't forget to use 'newaliases' to
>What's the (dis)advantage of doing it that way rather than a transport map?

As I understand, a transport map is just that, a map to provide explicit
routing but your postfix server doesn't understand that mail addressed
to it shouldn't be delivered locally. You need to also tell it either
local mailbox names or, in your instance, to only act as a relay. Hence
you will need some form of alias map (User database) and some method of
telling Postfix how to reach the next host (Transport map).

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I use transport map to reference a sql database to allow both virtual
and local mail hosting and another table on the database to provide the
alias data.

Hope this help

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