[RFCI-Discuss] New Zone: bogusmx

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Sat Jan 3 16:49:06 GMT 2004



> A new zone has been added, per our recent discussions, "bogusmx".
> The policy document for this zone can be found at:
>       http://www.rfc-ignorant.org/policy-bogusmx.php
> "If any publicly listed MX record for /domain/ contains a hostname
> which points to bogus IP address space, such as those documented in RFC
> 3330, or if /domain/ contains an MX RR that points to an IP address, in
> violation of RFC 1035."

Julian, could you add that one to the default ones also ?

RFC-IGNORANT-BOGUSMX                    bogusmx.rfc-ignorant.org

The return code for queries against this zone is


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