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On Thu, 2004-01-01 at 15:39, Darren Fulton - Concept Technology wrote:
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> Yes, this sounds like postfix is refusing to receive email from the
> internet.  You may be able to address that by editing your postfix
> files.  Pay close attention to:
> $relay_domains
> $mydestination
> mynetworks

If you followed the instructions to set up two postfix instances you
need to make sure that you edit _both_ postfix config files.  I had the
same problem with postfix refusing to relay mail until I realized that
when I changed the network from my testing network to the production
network I made the changes in one config file bit not in the other.

The first instance of postfix would accept the mail as it comes from an
allowed network and put it in the queue.  Mailscanner would pick up the
mail and scan it.  The trouble came from the second instance of
postfix.  When it tried to deliver the scanned mail, it would see that
the mail came from a network not allowed to relay and bounce it.

Check to make sure that the configuration for _both_ instances is

Hope this helps.

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