Piping messages from MailScanner

Justin JLM939 at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 28 17:53:22 GMT 2004

Short version: Can messages be "piped" from MailScanner to another process,
as opposed to writing messages to a spool file?

Long version:

We're trying to figure out the best way to achieve the following general

1. Mail is checked for viruses and run through spam filters via MailScanner
2. If spam score is below a certain threshold, deliver.
   If the score is above a certain threshold, quarantine/discard.
   If SA can't confidently classify as spam or ham, challenge via TMDA

We'll call step #2 above the "Challenge Check." We're trying to figure out
which process should be handling the Challenge Check logic outlined above.
The XAMS configuration currently looks like this:

1. Mail received by Exim is stored in /var/spool/exim-incoming
2. MailScanner (MS) reads exim-incoming spool & checks for new messages
3. MS processes messages (virus checking, SpamAssassin, etc.)
4. MS writes cleaned & tagged messages to /var/spool/exim-outgoing
5. Exim-outgoing process delivers any mail it finds in exim-outgoing spool

(See following link for more detail:)


The question is: where is the best place for the Challenge Check to go?
Should MailScanner handle this logic? SpamAssassin? TMDA?

TMDA can handle this logic, provided there is a way for us to "pipe"
messages from MailScanner to TMDA. Is there a way to do this?

Exim can pipe messages to TMDA via a transport, but of course we would like
to have the messages treated by MailScanner first -- hence the question.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch,


Member, XAMS Project Team
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