Queued messages ?

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Sun Feb 29 10:36:27 GMT 2004

This is the 'quick and dirty' first version of the script. Sendmail
only, I'm afraid. Use it as qkill /var/spool/mqueue
use strict;
# argument is the path to the queue files
my $dir = shift;
# remove any trailing slash
$dir =~ s/\/$//;
# max number of retries
my $max = 4;
# Look inside all qf files
while (glob($dir."/qf*")) {
   chomp(my $num = `grep '^N\d*' $_`);           # Find the Nxxx value
   $num =~ s/N//;                                # Remove the N
   my $mid = $_;                                 # The name of the
current qf
   $mid =~ s/qf/\?\?/;                           # regexp for all
related files
   chomp(my $bounce = `grep 'Return-Path' $_`);  # Find the
   $bounce =~ s/^.*?Return-Path.*?<//;           # And remove up to the
   system "rm -f $mid" if (($bounce !~ m/@/) && ($num > $max));  # kill
files for NDR > 4 retries



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I'm considering a perl script on an hourly cron job to check all qf
files in the outbound queue and delete those files and their
corresponding df files, that have have an empty (< >) from: field and
have a retry count of at least four. (four strikes and you're out)
This would give legitimate NDR's a fair chance of being delivered and
remove all but the last few hours of bogus NDR's.
I will post updates here


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Subject: Queued messages ?

Anybody have any suggestion for this problem??




Hope this isn't too off topic. I does have to do with MailScanner.


I'm relaying several email domains to several servers and have extended
the 4 hour and 4 day warning and bounce back times in sendmail to 2
weeks. This is do to a client that is going through weekend power
outages at the moment.


I now have roughly 2000 emails in the queue, 95% of them have <> as the
sender. This also do to the fact that I am sending spam warning messages
to senders, and must do this for false-positives.


I was thinking of creating a script that parses the results of mailq and
deletes every email with <> as the sender on a daily basis.


Any thoughts on this? Pros and cons? Has anyone done this? Or is there
anything in MailScanner that helps with this?




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