A few questions I can't find in archive...

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Any (dis)advantages in HyperThreading? We're running a fairly busy (72k
msg/day) dual Xeon 2.4 2GB RAM with HT on RH9 / MS 4-26.7 / SA 2.63 /
Clam 0.65

In top the MailScanner process continuously has near 100% of CPU 2. The
idle percentage hunts around between one of the virtual CPU's at near 0%
and the rest roughly equal. Sometimes all four are roughly equal. Our
CPU utilisation as showing in Mailscanner-MRTG (older version) is higher
than we would like it to be.


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> In that case, and with the talk of SATA drives possibly not doing as 
> well, I'll probably just skip back to Dual Xeons with SCSI drives.  
> The cost is less on the Dual Xeons as well, which is a good thing of
> Is there a safe amount to assume each box can push optimized well on 
> Dual Xeons, SCSI drives and 2Gig of RAM?

Most of our dual xeon boxes are running with 2G RAM, leaves plenty for a
nice tmpfs. So yes, 2G sounds fine to me.


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