SuSE 9 install problem

William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Fri Feb 27 00:40:19 GMT 2004


The perl-MIME-tools need to be added to the list of dependancies checked for in

I'm running two SuSE machines.
One of them is "SuSE Linux Standard Server 8.0"
The other is "SuSE Linux 9.0" (It's a boxed SuSE LINUX Professional version)

When installing from the gzipped RPM version

The install process works fine w/ SuSE 8.0
(It asks me to install pre-requisites, and run

On SuSE 9.0, it doesn't ask me to run
(after having problems, I did anyway. I'm not sure if it helped or not)

But... w/ SuSE 9, I got an error message when the install script was rebuilding.
The error was:
> error: Failed build dependancies:
>   perl >= 0:5.00503 is needed by perl-Net-CIDR-0.08-2

SuSE 9 uses perl v5.8.1, and it's installed by default.
So... that's not the problem.

It turns out that perl-Net-CIDR-0.08-2 requires the MIME/ module from perl-MIME-tools. that package is not part of the default install for SuSE 9.0.
perl-MIME-tools-5.411a-272.i586.rpm IS included on disk 4 of that distro (If anyone's looking for it)

Is this old news to you guys?
I don't see this info in the FAQ list, and couldn't find the problem via google.


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