Few general questions regarding MailScanner

Jason Williams jwilliams at COURTESYMORTGAGE.COM
Thu Feb 26 21:47:59 GMT 2004

>Mimedefang: sendmail only, milter level, efficient, can do SMTP layer

Interesting. Good stuff to know.

>         very flexible
>         "double queue" system probably less efficient in peak thruput, but
>also allows heavy bursts of mail to come in without increasing the number
>of scanners running at once.
>         Cannot do SMTP layer rejections

I read it has a incoming and outgoing queue.

What are some of the drawbacks of the two? What can Mailscanner do that
MIMEDefang cannot? And vice versa?
Is one more secure than the other? What about stability? Reliability?

>I suspect that MailScanner can handle more inbound emails/sec, making it
>better at handling short-term spikes in email gracefully, but I suspect
>mimedefang has a better "sustained" thruput, making it better for
>heavy-load systems without big spikes in traffic.

I see. So it could be dependent upon how much email is sent and received daily.

Anybody else care to comment on this?
I'd love to hear more feedback. Makes my decision easier to make.



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