Selectively deleting/passing spam and viri

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Feb 26 15:57:58 GMT 2004

At 15:48 26/02/2004, you wrote:
>Dear group ---
>I have my default MS configuration set to allow spam/virus tagged mail
>to pass on to the users where it is filtered by procmail on an
>individual basis.
>This only causes headace for the few mailman mailing lists I run, because
>they do not have a user account or procmail.
>It seems that I can make MS selectively delete mail that is spam/virus
>before delivering it to user accounts. That would be great.
>Only I am having problems with the setup of the configuration an would
>very much appreciate some advice or an example of the like.
>For instance, I would like to see all tagged messages be delivered,
>except this with destination mylist at

Set the default spam action to "deliver" and put in a rule that says
"delete" for "To: mylist at".
Julian Field
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