Enterprise scalability

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Feb 26 15:27:01 GMT 2004

At 18:00 25/02/2004, you wrote:
>I'm looking to evaluate a scalable scanning solution - the tune of 100's
>of thousands of users - and I wonder if anyone here can share their
>successes (and nightmares) with regard to MailScanner and its auxiliary
>tools (SA is another worry).   I'm looking into Qmail at first, as we've
>a need for virtual mailboxes (5 per user), etc.
>I'm concerned about how perl might behave in this type of environment.

I would advise against Qmail and Postfix. They both only have 1 file per
message, which results in far more I/O being done than for systems with 2
files per message (such as sendmail and Exim). Can Exim not do what you
want? It's very easy to drive and very flexible, and fast.
Julian Field
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