Japanese encoded filename fails filename length test

jclark jclark at SKIDMORE.EDU
Thu Feb 26 14:58:24 GMT 2004

We receive a large number of e-mails in a Japanese language encoding
using the charset:


When the filename is encoded using this charset, it basically takes up
to four characters in the e-mail to represent one character in the
filename: A single character can be translated to "%123" or "%12", etc.
So a 50 character filename jumps to 150 and fails the filename length

Is there a configuration change I can make to recognize or represent
these filenames in their native charset? Or do I simply bite the bullet
and increase the filename length limit to some large value? If so,
anyone using some values they have seen be successful most of the time?

Jeff Clark
Jeffrey A. Clark
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Director, Enterprise Systems
Skidmore College
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