Rick Cooper rcooper at DWFORD.COM
Thu Feb 26 14:47:53 GMT 2004

terminal window:

 sigtool --list-sigs

will list all known viruses to stdin (so you can pipe through
less or > to file

 sigtool --list-sigs | grep -i virus name

will list sigs for virusname, but bear in mind clam may use
another name so check all variants if you don't find it. MyDoom.F
is listed as an alias for MyDoom.E for instance.

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> Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 9:19 AM
> Subject: MyDoom.F
> Seems like a new and nasty version of mydoom is loose.
> How do i work out if clamav has this covered, i get
> 'nagged' daily by
> the boss "are we covered by X virus" after he reads
> his watchguard
> updates - how do i easily get this info from MS or
> clamav? I have
> subscribed to the virusdb list but there is no easy
> way to see a list of
> known/'fixed' viruses ?
> Subject: LiveSecurity | Urgent: Virus Alert -- MyDoom.F
> *Contains a destructive payload.* MyDoom.F deletes a
> seemingly random
> selection of Word documents, image, audio and video
> files, and Excel
> spreadsheets. Specifically, it searches for files with
> the extensions
> .mdb, .doc, .xls, .sav, .jpg, .avi, and .bmp on the
> %System% folder on
> drives C to Z, whether the drive is a hard disk,
> remote drive, or RAM
> drive. It deletes some of the files; one source described it as
> "randomly deletes," another claimed, "40 percent of the time."
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