Mail coming from <nowhere?>

Jan M. Kristoffersen morten at TECH-CENTER.COM
Thu Feb 26 10:42:49 GMT 2004


Occationally MailScanner finds a virus infected mail (using the external
virus-scanner) where it apparently don't know/say what MX it came from. Then
it relays the mail just as if it wasn't infected. I've seen it with mails
infected with different viruses. Have anyone else seen this in their logs?

"Feb 26 07:15:08 smtp MailScanner[27226]: Infected message i1Q6Eo812964 came
from  "

There are two spaces at the end of the line instead of the sender IP.

I'm using MailScanner 4.26.8 and SpamAssassin 2.60. The same happened with
MailScanner 4.24.


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