ANNOUNCE: beta 4.27.5 released

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Feb 25 10:08:09 GMT 2004


> This is (hopefully) the last beta/unstable version before 4.27 goes stable
> this weekend.
> Please give it a try and check that everything is working properly. Bugs in
> this version will be in the stable release unless you tell me about them!
> All the MIME robustness patches should be included.
> I have added support for Symantec CarrierScan (thanks to Martin Foster for
> that).
> Download as usual from

Seems to run just fine, i did notice some things with the silent virus
list but i cant track it down yet. Is all the silent virus checking and
the new list case sensitive, or is all case independant? I have see
notifications delivered for Mydoom and i had MyDoom silent listed. clam
called the new one Worm.Mydoom with a small D, on the other hand this is
just guessing, have to track down some more samples. But since this code
is newly added it might be good to doublecheck.


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