Custom SA rule FAQ addition.

Hancock, Scott HancockS at MORGANCO.COM
Tue Feb 24 21:10:54 GMT 2004

 >Available at:
 >Requires only minor modifications to work perfectly with MailScanner.
 >Fortress Systems Ltd.
 >steve.swaney at

Care to contribute the minor mods?

I've just used the script.  I did get the rule downloaded however; the
rules are not being called with Mailscanner.

I see Julian (in another posts) suggests adding custom rules to
spam.assassin.prefs.conf.  If I add them here without scoring
adjustments, will the scoring in the cf file be used?

It seems this script is aimed and SA config files only.  The addition is
not being made and I don't understand how the rules are supposed to be
incorporated into SA.  I expected to see them in a file but
they are neither in /etc/spamassissin/ nor



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