Question about ruleset for Filename and Filetype.

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Tue Feb 24 17:01:34 GMT 2004

At 16:14 24/02/2004, you wrote:
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>Hello all.
>Currently Filename Rules and Filetype Rules are set to
>Unfortunately we seem to have a customer that needs to send mpeg using
>Mail. I do not wish to allow this for the whole of the MailScanner
>so if I put
>  %rules-dir%/filename.rules instead of the above and
>%rules-dir%/filetype.rules with something like
>        no
>default           yes
>would that work and turn off filetype checks as well as filename checks
>for that domain ?


>or is it possible to use something like
>        %etc-fdir/their.rules
>default          %etc-fir%/main rule ?

You forgot the "From" or "To" or "FromOrTo" off the front of each line, but
otherwise that's right.

>Thank you, I am more than happy if you simply point me to the right
>- -d
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