OT: Strange behavior from selfsending mail viruses?

Craig Daters craig at WESTPRESS.COM
Tue Feb 24 16:30:09 GMT 2004

I cannot really say. I seem to get a lot of spam through our
secondary MX which is co-located at the facility who provides our T1.
If it comes to our primary which is housed in-house, they hit
MailScanner/SpamAssassin/ClamAV etc., and are thus blocked. However,
secondary has no such config and somehow spammers know to try this MX

>Either Im totally wrong or just missed this information if its been
>discussed before.
>Ive had my primary MX server down for almost 2 weeks and I noticed that the
>viruses coming in has gone down with at least 80%. The only reason I can see
>is that selfsending viruses only try to deliver their contaminated mail to
>the primary MX record and not the second MX.
>Has anybody seen this as well or have I just been lucky the last 2 weeks


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