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Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Feb 24 15:19:47 GMT 2004

At 15:20 24/02/2004, you wrote:
> >>> Michael St. Laurent wrote:
> >>> I have MailScanner set to add the {Spam?} tag to the Subject line and
> >>> to make the original message an attachment.  Will either of these
> >>> throw
> >>> off the training process?


>   Is the sa-learn program able to extract
> >>> the original message from the attachment


>  and does it know that it
> >>> should do so?


> >> So what do you do when the silly users put all thier spam in the good
> >> folder and thier ham in the junk folder an you have automatically
> >> already run the sa-leanr stuff on it?

Somehow fire it at sa-learn --forget.

Julian Field
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