Notifying one domain of virus received from them ?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Feb 23 16:21:22 GMT 2004

That's fine. The separators don't need to be tabs, any old spaces will do.

The only times that tabs are required are in filename.rules.conf and

At 15:03 23/02/2004, you wrote:
>After all the recent discussions about not sending virus notifications, I had
>my Mailscanner (4.23.11) set to  'Notify Senders Of Viruses = no'
>Now I find I need to set this to  ruleset, to notify our sister-company, who
>keep getting infected with some JS signature virii.
>I have set the following:
>'Notify Senders Of Viruses = %rules-dir%/virus.notify.senders'
>and in this file virus.notify.senders, I have 2 lines:
>From: <tab> <tab>  yes
>FromOrTo:        <tab>  default <tab> no
>Please tell me I'm right, as I have not yet used the ruleset facility in

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