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Mon Feb 23 11:12:45 GMT 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 13:13:21 +0000, you wrote:

>>Actually, what I want to do is change the original recipient of the
>>infected messages to point to a generic quarantine address, and then
>>deliver the email to that address. Something so that the helpdesk doesn't
>>have to access the SMTP server directly. Then they'll just check that
>>other mailbox (actually it'll be a shared IMAP folder) to look at any
>>quarantined messages. Though 99% of quarantined emails are worthless
>>anyway, that other 1% needs to be easily/quickly accessed by the
>>helpdesk staff.
>>Basically, I really like what I see in MailScanner, and want to replace
>>our existing AMViS install with it. Currently AMViS redirects infected
>>messages to a quarantine address, and I'm trying to avoid changing the
>>procedure our helpdesk has become accustomed to.
>I've just taken a look at this, and it's not easy. I will try to come up
>with a solution but I can't make any promises. You are probably going to
>have to re-educate your helldesk staff. Sorry about that.

What about saving the message in mbox format and using an IMAP server
which understands maildir. You will have every quarantained messages in
a separate folder, but it should work.

Or just use the forward possibility MS offers. And forward it to the
mailbox of the helpdesk. Perhaps you could use a custom function to
change the destination to something like
helpdesk+<original-recipient-with- at -changed-to-_>@domain.

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