Building an MS-SA box

Jan-Peter Koopmann Jan-Peter.Koopmann at SECEIDOS.DE
Mon Feb 23 09:40:40 GMT 2004

Hi Mike,

> I appreciate the timely response, and appreciate your 
> opinion. I was not at all sure I wanted to use LDAP but its 
> now "embedded" in exchange for w2k3 which is a nice means of 
> authenticating. 

Of course it is. I still do not trust Microsoft's LDAP implementation.
With RADIUS all you can do is ask the server if the username/password
combination is valid. I know RADIUS is able to provide a bit more
information but nothing compared to LDAP. 

> I will have to check into the radius idea, I 
> havent done it this way but will look into the suggestion.

Quite simple. What MTA are you using?

> You say you have a script for the pushes?? Mind sharing to my 
> private address? 

Have a look at the FAQ:

> Also, what else are you running in addition 
> to MS-SA??

Exim, Spamassassin, lot's of virus scanners, some RBLs, MailWatch,


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