Building an MS-SA box

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That's beautiful, but then again, you're using a REAL OS, lol. You gotta
love sun though, I love the posix/sysv implementation but due to financial
reasons, we have opted for linux for our normal working environment and use
solaris for our database and datawarehouse functions.

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Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
> IMHO, you are better off running a cache/slave DNS like bind or
> tinydns.  On Solaris we have found that nscd can be a bottleneck, not
> a help.  When we moved our web service (apache) from HP to Solaris, we
> were getting really poor response until we turned off nscd.  I have it
> turned off on all of my Sun boxes, including my MailScanner box.
> Others may have different insight on nscd.

I think the main target for Sun with nscd was to improve NIS performance,
therefore it caches more than just hosts. I haven't heard of any problems
with it for years, the last patch released for it was in
2001 for Solaris 8. Are your problems with nscd recent?

I'm using it with no problems. I have a host hit rate of 99.6% and after
being up for 129 days it's using 3 MB. That's OK with me. ;-)

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