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>>I agree with the comments about Solaris's nscd. It appears to slowly grow
>>without limit. I have had one taking about 800MB of RAM after the box had
>>been up for a few months. Linux's nscd might be better, but most people only
>>need to cache DNS responses, which is better done with bind as it is more
>Well, linux doesn't really do any more magic than the others out there,
>honestly nscd works best for pam and auth related stuff than for dns lookups
>which is what I am using it for in this instance. It runs ok, and is not
>that phat actually. But I do agree, that I have seen it bottleneck the box
>due to cpu consumption.
>OK, I have to ask the author this question directly, as the answers from the
>list seem to range in response. OK, I have delivery rules such as the
>following (for both spam and
>FromOrTo:       default                 delete
>FromOrTo:       mweiner at      store deliver
>The thought here was to temporarily store the email so I can use later for
>Bayesian training. However, it has come up in the list a few times that some
>people think when the options are set as above "store deliver" then that
>piece of email is not getting processed at all. Meaning when
>mweiner at gets an email, it gets stored and not processd via sa or
>even clamav. Is this the case? I could sift through code, but that's not
>really very valuable to me at this point. What I need is to figure out what
>is causing clamav not to run or at least tag or log anything to indicate
>that its running properly through ms and it was indicated that the delivery
>options may be the problem.
>Any additional insights?

There is no reason that "store deliver" should adversely affect the mail
processing. What happens if you just set the non-spam action to "deliver"
and use the "Archive Mail" setting to archive your mail?

>At 12:41 22/02/2004, you wrote:
> >IMHO, you are better off running a cache/slave DNS like bind or
> >tinydns.  On Solaris we have found that nscd can be a bottleneck, not a
> >help.  When we moved our web service (apache) from HP to Solaris, we
> >were getting really poor response until we turned off nscd.  I have it
> >turned off on all of my Sun boxes, including my MailScanner box.
> >Others may have different insight on nscd.
> >
> >Jeff Earickson
> >Colby College
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> > > >> 2) configure a caching nameserver on the MS box.
> > > >
> > > >DEFINITELY!! currently running nscd-2.3.2-27.9.7 (aint redhat's
> > > >latest versioning crazy?)
> > > >
> > >
> > > nscd?
> > >
> > > Is is better than to use the package named "caching nameserver"?
> > >
> > > I don't need to cache other services.
> > >
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