Mass Config Comparison

Stuart Clark newsgroup2 at SPACELINK.COM.AU
Sun Feb 22 01:03:30 GMT 2004

I thought it might be good to compare important configuration values.
Please enter your values with more details if relevant.

Environment - Small ISP


Virus scanners used - default

Still Deliver Silent Viruses = yes

Allow Form Tags = yes

Allow IFrame Tags = yes

Allow Object Codebase Tags = yes

Deliver Disinfected Files = no


Required SpamAssassin Score = 8

High SpamAssassin Score = 15

Spam Actions = deliver

High Scoring Spam Actions = delete

Razor - yes
DCC - yes
Pyzor - yes

Additional rules

False positives - Almost zero
User complaints - Almost zero



Stuart Clark RHCE
Spacelink Communications Pty Ltd

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