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Sat Feb 21 17:31:39 GMT 2004

Dustin Baer wrote on         Fri, 20 Feb 2004 13:11:31 -0700:

> If you store the spam, then you won't see any MailScanner headers.  The
> stored version is untouched by MailScanner.

Ok, that clears up everything :-) I skip some of your questions below, because
this is solved now. Everything works like it should, we just don't get the scores
in the mail because they are stored. But MailScanner stores them for us in the
MySQL table and I can see them all via Mailwatch, so I didn't notice earlier.
Either the documentation doesn't mention it or I overlooked that. I also didn't
know that stored mail won't be scanned for viruses before I read this list.

> I quarantine spam as queue files (qf/df), so when someone requests the
> quarantined email, my script changes whatever the value for $_ in the qf
> file is to $_[a.b.c.d].  a.b is already in whitelisted by
> spam.whitelist.rules, and a.b.c.d is set to "yes" in SpamChecks.rules (I
> didn't make that completely clear).

Ok, in connection with the above everything's clear now, thanks! You are releasing
to and not to mqueue, so the stuff gets scanned for viruses. Interesting
solution, I'll try to remember it. We don't quarantine with queue files because
Mailwatch needs Mailbox files, so if we wanted it this way we had to change back
to queue files.



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