ANNOUNCE: Beta 4.27.4 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Feb 21 12:22:25 GMT 2004

G'day all,

I have just put 4.27.4 on the website. Note this is a beta release.
Download as usual from

You can get the full ChangeLog from here:

The new changes since 4.27.3 are mostly:

* New Stuff *

- Added "Non-Forging Viruses" list which works the opposite way around to the
   "Silent Viruses" list. If a virus report contains any words in this list,
   then the silent status is over-ridden by this. The net result is that you
   can put All-Viruses in the silent viruses list, so that by default no
   warnings are sent to senders. But put markers for joke programs or macro
   viruses in this list and the senders will still be warned about them, as
   they are known not to forge the From address.
- Added options to add new headers containing the envelope sender and/or
   envelope recipients addresses. The names of the headers are, of course,
- Much improved clamav-wrapper, courtesy of Kevin Spicer.
- Added $subject to Subject: line in sample to show
   it can be used. Should ideally get all other languages translated.

* Fixes *

- Exim multiple ACLs now supported for SPF compatibility.
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