Postfix + MailScanner HELP!

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Sat Feb 21 09:52:45 GMT 2004


First hit. go #postfix stop to stop any current processes.
Then make sure that is correct then go #postfix -c 
/etc/ start (Or stop then start if it's running already). Try 
telneting to your local host #telnet 25. If you get a 
response, then #postfix -c /etc/postfix start and also start MailScanner 
(if it's not running). Keep checking the logs and post any error messages.


Rosaldo Garcia wrote:

> Thanks for that reply really appreciate that help, but sad to say i did
>follow that instruction on the links, i still cannot send nor received mail
>when i put and # on that (smtp    inet    n       -
>>     y -       -       smtpd) under /etc/postfix/
>Any other idea? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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>Le jeudi 19 Février 2004 15:42, Rosaldo Garcia a écrit :
>>  Why is it when i try to  put an  #  on ( smtp    inet    n       -
>>     y -       -       smtpd  ) under /etc/postfix/, i get
>>this error
>Did you read
><> ?
>You need to make sure the *incoming* instance of Postfix (the one
>controlled by the files in /etc/ has started, otherwise
>there will be no one to listen to SMTP connections...
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