Building an MS-SA box

Michael St. Laurent mikes at HARTWELLCORP.COM
Sat Feb 21 02:57:50 GMT 2004

Peter Bonivart <mailto:peter at UCGBOOK.COM> wrote:
> Michael St. Laurent wrote:
>> You're right.  MS does NOT use clamd.  However, IIRC, the perl
>> module *does* use clamd.  So when you configure MailScanner to use
>> "clamavmodule" instead of "clamav" you eventually are using clamd.
> No, the clam module does not use clamd, it uses the clam api, similar
> to the way MS uses SA.

Oh, I must have misunderstood how that worked.

Okay, thanks for setting me straight.  :-)

Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation

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