Building an MS-SA box

Michael St. Laurent mikes at HARTWELLCORP.COM
Fri Feb 20 23:51:10 GMT 2004

Michael Weiner <mailto:hunter at> wrote:
> I do seem to be having one small issue and that is getting this to
> work with ClamAV. I noticed there seems to be a number of list
> readers using ClamAV, can someone point me to a good doc or have some
> pointers on getting this setup to work? I currently have the RPMS for
> 0.67-1 currently installed for clamav-milter and clamav. I even
> followed the instructions and installed the perl clamav module and
> modified the MailScanner.conf file appropriately.
> Any suggestions? And isnt there a test site out there that can send
> out a known virus to test a system?

Okay, first off, you won't be needing the clamav-milter package.
MailScanner uses either clamscan or clamd but has no need for clamav-milter.

Second, if you're using the Perl module setup you may want to hunt around
for an RPM of the latest CVS version of Clamav.  The instability issues with
clamd that were present in the 0.67-1 release have been corrected (finally).

If you can't get the perl module setup to work reliably you might want to
consider switching to the clamscan wrapper mode instead.  The load on your
server will be a lot higher; however, it seems to "Just Work" right out of
the box.

Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation

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