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Fri Feb 20 17:38:29 GMT 2004

Got a quick question regarding the filetype.rules.conf file.

Currently we block MPG and MPE files outright using MailScanner. Seems to
me a rule or sub-rule allowing these in if they were larger than 'X' amount
would be a useful addition to that ruleset.
As an ISP with quite a few clients, seems that this would allow
'legitimate' MPGs and MPEs into the system while potentially blocking those
that could harbor viruses/trojans and the like.
(The reason they are blocked is not because we do not want them sending
them around, its to preclude viruses and other malicious content from
getting onto the system before the virus scanners catch up)

Our procmail rules block them only if they are under a set size. But that
is only effective for users that have local mail boxes. Not all of our
clients do.

If there is a way to do this now, I missed it in the documentation.

Thank you in advance for the responses.


ePaxsys/FRWS Technical Staff
ePaxsys, Inc.
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