Stop scanning of outgoing mails?

Jacques Caruso jacques at MONACO.NET
Fri Feb 20 11:32:59 GMT 2004

Le mercredi 18 Février 2004 21:31, Kai Schaetzl a écrit :
> It seems MailScanner also scans all mail which is outgoing (f.i.
> relayed by SMTP authenticated clients). Is there a way to stop this?

With Postfix, change this line in /etc/ :

defer_transports = local, smtp, relay, virtual


defer_transports = local, virtual

Done. Outgoing/relayed e-mail is no more scanned (as a nice side effect, 
this also stops customers using your mail exchanger as secondary MX 
wondering why some of their e-mail gets scanned).

I don't know about other MTAs, but I'm sure there are solutions, too 
(there is *always* a solution :-)

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