messages not being scanned by uvscan

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Feb 19 17:50:30 GMT 2004

What MTA are you using?
What are the "Run as user = " and "Run as group = " set to?
Check that whatever user is running MailScanner has permissions to read and
execute uvscan, that it can read all the virus pattern files and associated
libraries, and that it can read the licence key file (if there is one for

At 14:25 19/02/2004, you wrote:
>I'm running MailScanner 4.26.8-1 on RedHat 7.3 and McAfee engine v4.2.40
>I recently upgraded our three mail gateways to the latest version of
>MailScanner and two are working ok but for some reason the third is not
>scanning for viruses (spam checking is working ok).  The configuration
>on all three is the same apart from spamassassin.  The other two are
>running 2.60 and the problem system is running 2.61.
>I've not used symbolic links in MailScanner.conf or in
>uvscan --version reports the following:
>Virus Scan for Linux v4.24.0
>Copyright (c) 1992-2003 Networks Associates Technology Inc. All rights
>(408) 988-3832  LICENSED COPY - Jan 27 2003
>Scan engine v4.2.40 for Linux.
>Virus data file v4326 created Feb 18 2004
>Scanning for 86216 viruses, trojans and variants.
>If I manually scan an infected file using the wrapper command it finds
>the virus.
>There are no errors in the maillog file to indicate any problems but
>I've sent viruses through and they pass undetected.  Is there some
>debugging I can set up to try and find the problem?

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