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Thu Feb 19 12:21:32 GMT 2004

I have considered this before. So few new viruses use real sender addresses
that the whole exercise really isn't worth the bother. I would just waste
someone's time looking up every different name for every new virus that
Far easier to put "All-Viruses" in there and forget about it.

At 11:54 19/02/2004, you wrote:
> >As a wishlist item is there a possibility of a Silent Viruses List that
> could be
> >fetched
> >(from the MailScanner web site?) by a cron job?
>If someone were to maintain such a list as a ruleset, it would be easy to
>script automatically fetching it via cron.  I haven't checked but I
>presume that Silent viruses can be a ruleset?
>The complication is that different scanners give differrent names to the
>same viruses.
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