how to troubleshoot timeouts

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Feb 19 07:51:18 GMT 2004

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>De : Chris Yuzik [mailto:chris at FRACTALWEB.COM]
>Envoyé : 19 février, 2004 02:46
>Objet : how to troubleshoot timeouts
>Hi everyone,
>After enjoying the last couple of months with only the occasional
>spamassassin timeout (about 1 a week), I'm now getting a few dozen a
>day. Yesterday I had 84--today 24.
>Last night I ran "sa-learn --force-expire" and "sa-learn --rebuild" to
>see if that might fix the problem, but I guess not.
>Is there any way of turning on extra-verbose logging in spamassassin or
>mailscanner to see where exactly it's timing out? Could it be one of my
>blackhole lists?
>What are the steps to troubleshoot spamassassin timeouts?

That is what I can think of at 2.48 AM :)

1- run mailscanner in debug mode
2- disable sequentially razor, pyzor, dcc and see if the timeouts stop.

Other tips

- Update your dcc, pyzor, razor server lists
- make sure you run a local caching dns server
- if you have a lot of special rules, that might be a cause
- check your network and system load when it happens
- stay tuned, I'm sure you'll have other feedback.




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